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Installing a CCTV system is a crucial part of any business’ security system and requires a constant supply of power to function effectively. But what size UPS do you need for a CCTV system?

UPS for CCTV and Security Systems

Installing a reliable UPS system is always recommended for your business in order to keep critical IT processes running. Read our blog post, focusing on UPS Power Supplies for Security Systems.

Our UPS Partners

Adept Power Solutions is an independent UPS reseller, offering access to a wide range of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) manufacturers.

Wishing you a Peaceful Christmas

Christmas is the season for festivity and happiness, and a well-deserved rest after a rather challenging year! Adept Power want to thank you for your continuous support throughout 2020.

UPS technologies

Adept Power Solutions provide a UPS Commissioning service for a wide range of UPS Products. This service ensures that your power protection system is in full working order.

UPS Maintenance Cover

Adept Power specialise in uninterruptable power supplies and we can help you review your company’s requirements and advise what type of cover will be best suited to your specific needs.