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Data centre UPS back up power solution

Data centres are a fundamental asset to organisations around the globe and having a suitable UPS system installed is essential. Read our blog on Protecting Data Centres from Power Loss.

UPS for CCTV and Security Systems

Installing a reliable UPS system is always recommended for your business in order to keep critical IT processes running. Read our blog post, focusing on UPS Power Supplies for Security Systems.

UPS Health Check

Your UPS is a vital piece of business equipment that you need to be sure you can rely on in the event of a power failure. Therefore, it is essential to ensure your UPS is in the best health possible!

UPS Site Survey

When investing in a UPS system, you are protecting your mission-critical equipment from power failure 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Discover the essential steps towards successful UPS installation.

Authorised Riello UPS Reseller Partner

Riello UPS Ltd is one of the largest manufacturers of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and Standby Power Systems in Europe. Adept Power is now an authorised partner of Riello.

Adept Power Diesel Generator Back Up Power Supply

At APS we supply a comprehensive range of diesel generators either as standalone systems or as part of a larger power continuity program. Get in touch today!

UPS maintenance

Your UPS is the first line of defence against harmful power fluctuations making your UPS a business essential! With this in mind, you cannot risk waiting for an issue to arise before taking action ...

Power Failure

A power failure, also known as a power cut, power outage or blackout, is a short or long term loss of electric power to an area. It can affect a single house, a building or an entire city...