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UPS maintenance

Your UPS is the first line of defence against harmful power fluctuations making your UPS a business essential! With this in mind, you cannot risk waiting for an issue to arise before taking action ...

Power Failure

A power failure, also known as a power cut, power outage or blackout, is a short or long term loss of electric power to an area. It can affect a single house, a building or an entire city...

UPS Systems

We know that when buying or even considering an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system, it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. Some systems are better suited to smaller...

UPS bypass switches

Uninterruptible power supplies are normally very reliable, but there can sometimes be the need to externally bypass the UPS. For example, in order to safely carry out removal, repairs, maintenance...

UPS Communications

More often than not, the purpose of a UPS is to buy some time for the load to shut down safely, or to switch over to a generator, if available. Without the ability to communicate...

Diesel Generator FAQ's

At APS we supply a comprehensive range of diesel generators either as standalone systems or as part of a larger power continuity program.

UPS Battery

The battery component of your UPS system is the lifeline of a standby power protection system. It is essential that your UPS systems’ integrity is maintained at all times & is functioning with optimum

Authorised Riello UPS Reseller Partner

Riello UPS Ltd is part of the Italian Riello Elettronica group and one of the largest manufacturers of Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and Standby Power Systems in Europe with offices worldwide.

Authorised Riello UPS Service Partner

In 2014, Riello UPS Ltd introduced the new Riello Certified Engineer status as part of their Service Partner program. APS are pleased to announce that all its engineers are trained and authorised.