UPS Battery Monitoring by Canara

Canara UPS Battery Monitoring

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APS is the exclusive & official partner for Canara battery monitoring solutions in the UK. This highly regarded American organisation is the world leader in UPS battery monitoring systems that ensure mission critical power for data centers and commercial operations.

Over the years, Canara has introduced increasingly sophisticated equipment and offer stand-alone point solutions, complete turnkey end-to-end solutions and everything in between to fit our customers' needs.

UPS Battery Monitoring provides 24x7 visibility into your backup power infrastructure. Canara's patented battery monitoring system provides timely notification of anomalies in your critical power infrastructure. Equipped with visual status indicators, the battery monitoring devices continuously capture and securely transmit battery performance data.

The UPS battery monitoring system captures battery data from standard battery monitors but also supports integration of data captured on any other battery monitoring solution. All data captured is accessible via Canara Connect, an application that provides anytime-anywhere access to your battery health.

Through Canara Connect, you can consolidate data from multiple battery systems into a single online dashboard and generate informative reports to guide your decision making. If you are looking for accuracy, cost-effectiveness and ease of installation, APS has the battery monitoring solution for you. 

We also offer a wealth of battery and UPS services to help pro-long the life of your existing power protection systems.