ARM Platinum Annual Cover

Adept Power ARM Platinum Annual Cover

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Adept Remote Monitoring (ARM) is an exciting and brand new UPS monitoring service recently launched by Adept Power Solutions in 2013. ARM is compatible with most UPS hardware and instantly alerts you to emergency situations and minimises disruption by receiving a faster response to UPS faults and problems.

The hardware utilises the Rapsberry Pi and further cutting edge technology developed by Dr Andrew Robinson from the world reknowned School of Computer Science based at the University of Manchester. Coupled with a bespoke software system and a cloud based web portal the status of your UPS is at your fingertips.

ARM Platinum cover is the most comprehensive monitoring service on the market. Real time SNMP data and alarms are received via an eternet internet connection. However, if this network fails the ARM devive has further redundancy utilising a simple SIM card and the volt free contacts on your UPS.

ARM Platinum Cover Includes;

  • 24/7/365 remote monitoring by APS.
  • Client e-mail Alerts.
  • Live ARM access via a secure cloud based web portal.
  • Realtime data via SNMP.
  • Mulit-platform solution - all your UPS located within one single monitoring system.
  • Monthly performance reports.
  • Secure network enabled system using Raspberry Pi with SMS redundancy option.
  • Linked directly to APS support contracts for seamless response.