ARM Installation

Adept Power ARM Installation

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Adept Power can provide a brand new ARM installation or a retro fitted solution to your existing UPS. New installations where a bypass switch is also required can have the ARM module in-built to the bypass enclosure providing an incredibly neat installation solution. For existing UPS ARM can be provided within its own small enclosure and retro fitted with ease.

ARM solutions require either an Ethernet internet based network point and/or a location providing a mobile signal via a normal SIM card. If a UPS protected 13Amp socket is not available APS can install one to ensure the ARM module is UPS protected during a mains failure.

Once installed your UPS device will automatically register with our central monitoring system, providing 24/7/365 cover. Your profile will then be added to the ARM web based portal system enabling you to access ARM from any device, such as laptops, smart phones, PC's and tablets) using the internet.