ARM Hardware & Software

Adept Power Solutions have created ARM using cutting edge technology; the Raspberry Pi, the PiFace digital and bespoke monitoring software. The Raspberry Pi is a credit-card sized and very capable computer. It can be used in various electronics projects, and for many of the things that your desktop PC does, like spread sheets, word-processing and games. It also plays high-definition video.

A favourite of science departments in schools, colleges and universities around the world, it's used by students all over the world to learn how computers work, how to manipulate the electronic world around them, and how to program.

The PiFace Digital was developed by Dr Andrew Robinson from the world renowned School of Computer Science based at the University of Manchester and it's designed to plug into the GPIO of the Raspberry Pi, allowing it to sense and control the real world.

With PiFace Digital Adept Power can detect the state of a switch, for example the alarm status of a UPS. Once this state has been detected, our specially developed software determines how to respond to that switch state. When combined, the Raspberry Pi and PiFace Digital form a powerful monitoring device perfect for a UPS.

The embedded software is configured to work with your Pi device to complete scheduled tasks and detect common faults. Each task or alert is transmitted back to the web portal by using an Ethernet Internet connection or normal SIM card. For certain alerts, the web portal automatically and immediately notifies APS and your key personnel via email or SMS, depending on your service preference.

Further information about the Raspberry Pi can be found here.